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Tuesday , 7 April 2020

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“The reforms needed to progress in freedom – 2019” Our public policies proposals for Argentina

With this new edition of our book of proposals (the third since 2014) from Fundación Libertad y Progreso, we return to focus on a vital issue: the need to return to the ideas of the Argentina of Alberdi to regain leadership and provide welfare to its citizens after 80 years of populism and decline.

A bold challenge far from easy solutions, but at the same time very simple. We propose to lower the unbearable level of fiscal pressure, for which it is essential to reduce public spending, promote the shrinking of the State and bureaucracy and carry out an ambitious labor reform. These four points constitute the pillars on which we aim to build a new era of progress in the country. We consider it urgent and necessary to make an educational revolution so that new generations can have new and better employment opportunities taking advantage of technological change. It is vital to return to a true Federalism as mandated by our National Constitution eliminating Co-participation by returning to the provinces the power to determine and collect their taxes. In addition, we must solidify our security and defense strategies in the face of the new challenges of the world; recover the judicial system; improve our financial system; Open up to the world and give the green light to the growth of a responsible mining sector and investment generator.

The path will not be easy, but in Libertad y Progreso we believe that our proposal is part of the only path that can lead us to become one of the most prosperous nations in the world. In that conviction, we will continue working to see this dream fulfilled.



Capítulo 1: Las Propuestas Económicas 

Capítulo 2: La Reforma del Estado 

Capítulo 3: Reforma de la Coparticipación Federal de Impuestos 

Capítulo 4: La Reforma Laboral 

Capítulo 5: La Política de Apertura Comercial Externa 

Capítulo 6: Política de Seguridad 

Capítulo 7: Propuesta para una Política de Defensa

Capítulo 8: Una Política de Justicia 

Capítulo 9: Cinco Propuestas para una Revolución Educativa

Capítulo 10: Reformas al Sistema Financiero 

Capítulo 11: Propuestas para una Política Minera 

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