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Managing Director

Agustín Etchebarne is an economist specialized in economic development, strategic marketing and international markets. He was an economics professor at the University of Buenos Aires and ESEADE and currently teaches at the University of Belgrano. He is a member of Red Liberal de Latinoamerica (RELIAL) and the Ethics and Political Economy Institute of the Nation Academy of Political and Moral Sciences. He was a founder of Delphos Investment and C&E Consulting.

Etchebarne also served as president of the Republic Investment Management, fund manager at Fondos Aleph and executive at Techint and Medsystem.

He was president and founder of Ciudadanos por el Cambio, executive director of Democracia Directa and founder and director of Foro Republicano.

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Executive Director

Aldo Abram holds a masters degree from CEMA and a bachelors from the University of Buenos Aires, both in economics. Before coming to LYP he was executive director at CIIMA, a center for the investigation of institutions and markets belonging to ESEADE, where he was also a professor at the masters in finance and investigator.

Abram served as an academic adviser for the “Club de la Libertad” foundation. He is a member of Acton Institute’s consulting advise committee, was a founder and general director of EXANTE and PROENCO consulting and acted as a financial and economic adviser for businesses and banks.


Public Policy Director

Manuel Solanet is a civil engineer with post-graduate studies in economics and currently serves as president of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

He is a former Secretary of the Treasury and Secretary for the Modernization of the State

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