Tuesday , 20 November 2018

Intermediate Companies and Associations

For businesses that make contributions to Libertad y Progreso, of $ 3,500.- per month or more, we offer the same benefits as members benefactors and protectors for their managers and executives:

§ Report and updated quarterly macro projections.

§ Financial Review Weekly – Argentina.

§ Financial Review Weekly – International and South America.

§ Private access to the database and conjunctural analysis in our Site.

Also, our professionals participate in meetings about Argentina’s economic prospects and its external environment.

Libertad y Progreso additionally researches on the effects of economic policy measures that will clarify the discussion that may be happening in government or in the Congress.

We have great experience writing Law Projects, in order to propose to the government and the Congress alternative to other proposals or policy changes needed to promote, within the framework of respect for the rights of citizens and institutions.

In all cases, LYP is committed to promote, defend and disseminate their work in front of the relevant authorities and the media.

If you need consulting services, please contact us and let us know your concerns.

Phone: +54-011-5236-4370
e-mail: lyp@libertadyprogreso.org
Headquarters: Lavalle 636 5 floor, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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