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Our Data

Name: Fundación Centro de Estudios del Futuro Argentino CUIT: 30-71027399-1

Our accounts of Banco Macro 

Current Account  3 539 0940736801 2 CBU 2850539-8 3009407368012-1

Dolars Account 2 539 0946176994 CBU 2850539-8 2009461769945-4

Active Member

You haves the benefit of the access to our site databases and statistical analysis of Argentina’s economy.

Partners Benefactors and Protectors

You receive:

§ Report and updated quarterly macro projections.

§ Weekly Financial Review – Argentina.

§ Weekly Financial Review – International and South America.

§ Private access to the database and situation analysis on our site.


If you are interested on being Active Member or Benefactor or Protector, please contact to: lyp@libertadyprogreso.org

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